Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bishop Magee Steps Aside

So Bishop Magee is to be replaced in his diocesan duties following the revelations of child sex abuse by priests in his Cloyne Diocese and his unsatisfactory response to these. This matter came to light on December 19th 2008 and he did not apparently initiate the process to end his tenure until February 4th 2009.

The support last January for Bishop Magee to remain in Cloyne by Cardinal Brady, with the prompting of Archbishop Clifford, (his successor) and Neary were glaring examples of misplaced loyalty that ignored the sentiment of victims and the public generally. It also seemed to the emergence of diverse approaches throughout Ireland to this issue with little cohesion evident.

The announcement of his stepping aside is a critical stage for the Church being able to move past this tragic debacle and to demonstrate some realistic conviction in its response. It is a pity that it took so long and the time that has elapsed must have been as stressful for the bishop as it would have been for others directly concerned. But it is an outcome to be welcomed.

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