Thursday, April 23, 2009

deBurca Scores an Own Goal!

I have felt since we first directly elected MEP's in 1979 that The Green Party (Comhaontas Glas) had something special to offer as a component of Ireland’s representation at The European Parliament.

Déirdre de Búrca seemed like a potentially interesting candidate despite never having won elected office in Dublin. The last Green MEP to represent Dublin was Patricia McKenna, whose droning, middle-aged whinging voice excited every misogynist instinct in my body and has become an obsolete irrelevance to electoral politics in Ireland.

It is said that British Royals neither ‘complain nor explain’. I was astonished to discover that the web site of The Green Party contains a press item, dated April 22, on behalf of Ms de Búrca explaining that she had rejected an invitation to run as a candidate for another party and attributed her decision to “many reasons”. Is this woman utterly naive or just totally lacking in political judgement and political self-esteem? What political party would allow itself to be demeaned by referring to a rival unproven political entity that is founded on nothing but the vacuous narcissism of an individual with nothing to offer but personal vanity and unascertainable credentials? The least that the electorate expect of any candidate representing a political party is loyalty to that party.

I must conclude that this maybe the nemesis of Ms de Búrca’s political career and the prospects of The Green Party doing the business at the European Parliament election on June 5th.

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