Monday, February 8, 2010

Political life-cycle of media folk in Irish politics can be fickle!

Leinster House The political life cycle in national Irish politics of individuals who formerly worked in media is relatively short, although the 9 months that George Lee spent in Leinster House was acutely short.


Name Formerly Served Exit
Thornley, David (Lab) RTE current affairs presenter 1969-77
Dublin NW
Defeated 1977
Cruise O’Brien, Conor (Lab) Television script writer, commentator and subsequently
Editor, The Observer
Dublin NE
Defeated 1977
Senator (Ind) 1977-81
Nealon, Ted (FG) RTE current affairs presenter;
Sunday Review
Kennedy, Geraldine (PD) Reporter, The Irish Times and subsequently Editor, The Irish Times 1987-89 Defeated 1989
Ross, Shane Business reporter, Sunday Independent 1981 -
University of Dublin
Keating, Justin (Lab) Presenter RTE agriculture television
Dublin County North
Defeated 1977
Cox, Pat (PD) RTE current affairs presenter 1992-94 Resigned
15 July 1994 to become MEP
FitzGerald, Garret (FG) Columnist and commentator – currently at The Irish Times 1965-69 (Senator)
1969 – 1992
Dublin South East

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