Thursday, June 11, 2009

‘You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’

Anglo The board of Anglo Irish Bank that created the debacle that led to its nationalisation, – chronic losses, impaired directors’ loans and the elimination of its equity, contains an interesting set of mutually beneficial relationships.  What is particularly noteworthy is the cosy, intimate nature of these relationships is that they are seemingly blind to the most appalling violation of public trust committed by Sean FitzPatrick, the former chairman of Anglo until he resigned, in disgrace, from all board positions on 18 December 2008.  But the unctuous tributes would make a casual observer believe that a saint was being celebrated, not a flamboyant spiv who has destroyed the reputation of a proud nation.

He disclosed that he he concealed tens of millions of € at Irish Nationwide Building Society to conceal the existence of personal borrowing from Anglo Irish Bank from the contents of the Bank’s annual report and he also inveigled Bowler’s Irish Life & Permanent Plc to deposit €7.5 billion at the end of September 2008 in Anglo to appear to boost the deposit base of the Bank.  The Tier 1 capital at Bowler’s bank was a mere €4 billion and, coo, shucks, she didn’t know nothing about this deposit beforehand, notwithstanding that her fellow director, Danuta Grey, was a contemporaneous director of Aer Lingus with, guess who – FitzPatrick. 


Greencore Plc

                               greencore grp FtizPatrick became a director of Greencore Plc on 1 January 2003 and the Chairman of Greencore, Ned Sullivan, was a non-executive director of Anglo since 12 November 2001. 

The following summarises the fees’ aspect of this episode of mutual back-scratching:


Sullivan’s fees at Anglo Irish Bank

FitzPatrick’s fees at Greencore Plc

























Sullivan was a member of the 3-person Risk an Compliance Committee at Anglo in 2008.  This Committee would have risk evaluated directors’ loans amounting to €175 million, of which €31 million are impaired since nationalisation and approved loans to property interests that account for losses of over €4 billion in the half-year to 31 March 2009 and the moral hazard associated with this.

Sullivan, in his chairman’s statement in the 2008 annual report of Greencore Plc eulogises FitzPatrick, as follows:

“In December 2008, Sean FitzPatrick resigned from the Board.  Sean has been a key contributor to the Board for six years during a period of significant change for the Group.  The Board would like to thank Sean sincerely for his valued input and wise counsel which has contributed greatly to the growth and development of the Group during that period".”

Greencore Plc
YE: September 26

2003 – €(000)’s

2008 €(000)’s




Profit after tax



Share price

€2.70 (31 Dec 2002)

€0.95 (18 Dec 2008)


Smurfit Kappa Plc

smurfit Gary McGann, chief executive of Smurfit Kappa had been a director of Anglo Irish Bank since January 2004 and FitzPatrick joined the board of Smurfit Kappa on 20 March 2007.  The following summarises the fee trawl:



McGann’s fees at Anglo Irish Bank

FitzPatrick’s fees at Smurfit Kappa

















At 30 September 2008 Sullivan owned 440,084 ordinary shares in Anglo Irish Bank and McGann owned 5,900 ordinary shares.  McGann was a member of the Audit and Remuneration Committees.

The Chairman of Smurfit Kappa is Liam O’Mahony former boss of CRH Plc, and in his statement in the 2008 annual report about FitzPatrick was “I would like to thank all of the Directors for their contribution to the development and effectiveness of the Board and its various Committees.”  The Remuneration Report formally noted that FitzPatrick resigned from the Board in December 2008.  Is this not a perfectly dignified and appropriate way to deal with this matter!  No empty platitudes, no peasant cunning! 


Aer Lingus Plc

aer lingus tail FitzPatrick was appointed to the board of Aer Lingus in 2004 when it was a state enterprise.  He received a fee of €13,000 in 2005 and €18,000 in 2006.  The airline became a public company in September 2006.  Non executive directors’ fees at Aer Lingus were tripled from €18,000 to €45,000 immediately following the IPO.

Colm Barrington, Chairman of Aer Lingus, in his statement in the 2008 annual report would almost fill a spinnaker with the effusiveness of his eulogy of FitzPatrick “In 2008 Sean FitzPatrick resigned from the Board.  Sean served Aer Lingus extremely well and had a significant and positive influence on the company both before and after the IPO.”  Of course, given a share price of €0.59!  Fees paid to professional advisors in connection with and subsequent to the IPO at Aer Lingus were close to €60 million.  The cumulative loss recorded since the IPO is €72 million.  Enchanting!

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