Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Messiah’s Message from the political orphans

So 17 self-righteous messiahs, many of whom clung with a vice-like grip to the skirt hems of the Haughey, Ahern and Cowen administrations, have formed themselves into a rump to ‘advise’ the new Government on creating jobs, reforming the public sector, rebuilding international confidence and re-engineering the banking system. Economic salvation can be achieved, they argue in A Blueprint for Ireland’s Recovery, through manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, life sciences and ICT.

No vested interest, apart from their own, is ignored to flatter their dreams and aspirations. Is it not inspiring to observe individuals’, some of quite moderate ability, but who were cute and wily enough in taking care of their personal interests, to earn humongous sums, from the public purse in many instances, to focus their ‘advice’ on the mutilation of the public sector and the ‘reform’ of the welfare system?  Does this blueprint also mean that tax exiles are now purporting to advise on economic recovery?

‘To restore confidence and Ireland’s reputation, an investor relations strategy should be developed to attract overseas investment. Among the targets suggested, is that 20% of FDI should be sourced in South East Asia by 2015’. Are they aware of Horizon 2020, of did they see no reference in it when they regularly read the The Beano, The Dandy and The Hotspur?

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