Friday, May 18, 2012

Mahon Tribunal legal costs likely to to exceed €196 million


The estimated outstanding third-party Tribunal legal costs arising arising from public hearings of The Mahon Tribunal.  Discovery costs are based on the number of pages discovered pursuant to orders of the Tribunal – an estimated 1.6 million pages at €35 per page.

Brief fees are estimated to be €27,866,599.  These are calculated on the basis of 300 solicitor briefs at €50,000 each; 122 barrister briefs at €33,333 each and 203 senior counsel briefs at €50,000 each.

The senior counsel attendance rate is estimated at €4,000 per day (total €2,824,000 for 706 days) while the corresponding figure for junior counsel is €2,667 per day (total €3,147,000 for 1,180 days).  Solicitors costs are based on 1,759.5 days attendance.

The breakdown is:


Representation at Public Hearings € 51,432,559
Third-party discovery costs € 56,000,000
Outstanding Third-Party costs €   6,000,000
Miscellaneous costs €   4,000,000
TOTAL €117,432,659
After 20% reduction €  93,946,127
Tribunal costs paid to the end of 2011 €  97,351,980
Tribunal own estimated costs 2012 onwards (including litigation costs and taking account of the projected reduction in Tribunal’s staffing and other costs) €    5,000,000

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