Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pleasing the ‘men-in-red-braces’ means a 5½-day working week in Ireland

Ireland demonstrates infinite compassion and endless patience when it comes to indulging the fantasies of imbeciles, hypocrites, morons and failed bankers, whose genius would be better employed exploring options for their own euthanasia.

It was in this frame of mind that I listened to a commentator on RTE radio expound the virtues of a 5½-day working week so as to achieve a 10% gain in national productivity.   This ludicrous suggestion is intended to imply that the Irish would be able to demonstrate to the men-in-red-braces, who lead opinions in the international financial markets that our road to economic salvation is soundly mapped.

The fundamental reason, of course,  for this brazen gesture is to pay for the banking delinquency inflicted by the person advocating it, among others . His mathematical genius and visionary leadership has caused this country’s taxpayers tens of billions of euro in bailout money and this wretched wimp has the odious gall to declare that the proletariat should work longer hours.

We definitely need to think outside the nappy.  Perhaps we should also lengthen the calendar week to 9 days; work 8½- so as to increase national productivity by 28%.

We could jettison the European Working Time Directive and all Health and Safety legislation and guidelines. We could extend the calendar week to 9 consecutive days and even consider working for 8½ of those and then be able to demonstrate 28%. There could also be a unilateral declaration to ban hedonism in each and all manifestations.

One of the difficulties with this type of intellectual gymnastics is that working for excessively prolonged periods results in fatigue which decreases work performance. It has been demonstrated in academic research that human error by operators doubles when fatigue sets in and there is a misalignment of circadian phase – the rhythmic biological cycle that recurs at approximately 24-hour intervals

It may even quadruple as workers reflect that cause of their fatigue is the obligation to restore a bust banking system.

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