Sunday, October 24, 2010

A week in the life of an aircraft that flies to Brazil!


I flew from Paris to Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, October 16th.  The aircraft, an Air France Airbus A330-203 bore the registration F-GZCF.  I discovered on the internet that this plane has been operating since 6 June 2002 and that it is leased from International Lease Finance Corporation of Los Angeles, who happen to also be one of the many aircraft leasing companies with a base in Dublin.

I discovered that before flying me to Rio this aircraft has arrived in Paris from Conakry Airport in Guinea, West Africa.  It returned to Paris from Rio arriving on Sunday, Oct 17th and then flew to Boston.

It returned from Boston to Paris on Mon, Oct 18 and on Tue, Oct 19th it flew to Cairo returning to Paris the following day.  That Wednesday it departed again for Rio returning to Paris the following day, Thu Oct 21.  Later that Thursday F-GZCF departed for Newark Airport in New Jersey and completed its 7-day odyssey when it flew back to Paris before departing for Seattle.

My departure point from Brazil on Fri, Oct 23 was Sao Paulo Guaralhos International Airport for the 20-million throbbing city in the south-east.  This time my Air France aircraft was a Boeing 777-22BR bearing the registration F-GSPP.  During the preceding week it had visited Mumbai India, Douala Camaroon, JFK Airport New York and Santiago Chile,  When it and I parted company yesterday, F-GSPP departed fro Mexico City.

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