Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hotel industry begging bowl out and about again

ihfIt doesn’t really matter what the economic climate is the parasites of the hotel sector are in full voice in the run up to the 2011 Budget.

The whingers and moaner of the Irish Hotels Federation want more subsidies, more tax reliefs, less taxes – more, more, more.  But Ireland is not ripping the economy asunder in order to keep these leeches fed.  They seek

  • Measure to support the survival of the tourist industry
  • Want the Government to promote cost competitiveness
  • Maintain the current level of (subsidised) promotion activity
  • Address the capacity problems facing hotel and guest house owners

All of this just falls short of asking the State to wipe their lobotomised arses as well. This shower of perennial, feather-bedded losers are so constipated with the abundance of tax reliefs they have gouged from the Irish taxpayers and they can barely stand erect from the burden of these.

Hoteliers need to understand that to be viable a business must be self-sufficient. The capitalist system has no interest whatsoever whether the Irish tourist industry survives, or not.

The Government has no role in relation to cost competitiveness. They need to pay their own promotional expenses just as beer, escort services, hookers and tobacco companies do. The matter of capacity is their own affair. Hoteliers will comply to the last letter of all covenants connected to the tax reliefs for capacity expansion – don’t expect taxpayer to pay on the double.

So wallow on, losers and maybe taxpayers will look forward to an era when the tourist industry provides what customers want at a price they can afford to pay. Focus on your inevitable extinction.


  1. "All of this just falls short of asking the State to wipe their lobotomised arses as well."

    So that's where they keep their brains.

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